TJ Lyons collection event at MassArt.

TJ Lyons collection event at MassArt

TJ Lyons collection event at MassArt


The attendees at MassArt

Today I went down to Boston to attend the opening ceremony for the TJ Lyons collection at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I got front row seats and was mentioned in the talk as being the person responsible for suggesting the collection take the current atrium space, which was then empty. I had known of TJ Lyons from my partner Dan Carr, who had visited him in Boston, so I felt that it was important to have the collection “land”somewhere in Boston. I happened to be visiting to scope out the location for my exhibit there in 2014, and was having coffee with the Library director, Paul Dobbs, when I saw that the atrium was empty, at a time when the collection acquisition was in discussion, but space limitations were causing doubts.

I think small yes’s from those outside the circle of influence can cause big changes and flow.

It did.

Printers cut drawers


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