Neumes 25

Golgonooza Letter Foundry & Press

Neumes 25 is the result of the Quiet Fire Improvisation in Typography & Sound hosted by Golgonooza Letter Foundry and Press.

“The Quiet Fire Residency opened up new possibilities both conceptually and creatively in a dynamic environment. A great way to recharge work by collaborating with Julia and others in a project based letterpress edition.” Janine Wong

Janine Wong is an artist whose prints, artists books and collages explore the intersections between science, color theory and music

“The opportunity to work with the other members of Quiet Fire on this visual, musical, tactile project was exhilarating. Everyone brought their A game, working and playing with such focus and openness. It was an honor to work alongside such highly creative artists.”              Gahlord Dewald

Gahlord Dewald is a creative musician devoted to experimentation in acoustic, electric, and synthetic bass frequencies. He works seamlessly through the spectrum of composed and improvised musical expression, often blending acoustic and synthetic sound worlds to create complex textures and soundfabric.