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Quiet Fire Type & Sound Residencies

Improv Text setting
Improv Text setting

Gahlord Dewald: “There aren’t many experiences that are encouraging people to live in the moment and experience the physical world for any length of time …the intent of this residency is kind of like trying to put people back in their sensory bodies…“

Julia Ferrari*: “That’s exactly it, and slowing the world, for a certain period of time and then seeing what happens with that… which is probably going to be different for every individual… It’s not something predictable, so that’s  good. … It’s got to trickle out there…”

*Julia Ferrari has been designing, printing and setting with metal type at Golgonooza Letter Foundry & Press for 30 + years. Golgonooza, a professional letterpress atelier has produced literary books of length, in fine metal types, both hand set and in Monotype composition. She is also the proprietress of the Enitharmon Bindery, and is an artist and poet.